As we reported the other day, last night marked the first time in almost thirty years since the Late Late Show travelled for an interview guest.

The previous one was Jane Fonda during Gaybo's run and now the honour falls to the Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. The 15-minute interview went in a few strange and off-kilter directions, including Springsteen's Irish roots and his reflections on religion, all the way up to his own existentialism about being famous and the burden of it all.

It's a fascinating watch if you're even remotely a fan of the Boss, but you sorta get the sense it'd almost work better as a podcast or something than a straight interview in the middle of the Late Late Show.

This, of course, goes to some of the problems with the Late Late Show itself and it being the last bastion of the Parkie-style interview.

As we said, it's fifteen minutes so get a drink and get comfortable.


Via YouTube