Now that Chris Evans has departed Top Gear, it's clear that BBC wants to put Matt LeBlanc out in front and centre - especially when you consider that rival programme The Grand Tour is now on streaming with Amazon Prime.

As we reported last year, LeBlanc has signed a deal to host the show for a reported £2,000,000 for the BBC. The Beeb signed the deal on foot of losing The Great British Bakeoff to Channel 4 and were keen to keep Top Gear on the road (heh).

No airdate for the new season of Top Gear has been announced, but it's expected that the show will be much more streamlined than last year's efforts, with the show's host now effectively whittled down to LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid.

As for what's in store, here's a little teaser that involves naked hikers, drifting a Ferrari and being chased by a police tank. Is the old Top Gear back?