It's not technically a teaser so much as it's a little reminder that Game of Thrones can show us footage from previous series with a little voice-over and we'll all collectively lose our shit.

The teaser, which clocks in at a measly 40 seconds, has Max von Sydow as the Three-Eyed Raven talking about memories whilst Jon Snow looks off into the distance, followed by flashes of all the terrible things that have befallen the Starks.

Take a look.

We're 100% sure that's Bran at the very end saying, "They have no idea what's about to happen," which is funny because we genuinely don't. Fair enough, we know for a fact that Jon Snow is (SPOILER) back from the dead and we know that (SPOILER) Daenarys makes her way to Westeros finally - but beyond that, not a clue.

The new season will kick off at the later date of April to accomodate for more production processes and so on and, most likely, to prep the world for the big reveal that it was all just a bad dream and that Ned Stark's actually alive all along.

Right, you guys? RIGHT?


Via YouTube