Do you like sleeping soundly? Well that's about to end quite promptly.

Last night saw the return of David Attenborough and the amazing spectacle that is the 'Planet Earth' series, and while things started off cute and furry thanks to a pygmy sloth (or 'slowth' as Attenborough says, which we're likening to the British pronunciation of 'scone' - correct, but also, wrong), it quickly descended into scenes of chaos and devastation.

The first of those horror scenes featured the marine iguana from the Galapagos, who, quite like turtles, have a difficult start at life right from the get go. 

How difficult you ask? Oh, just needing to make it across a rocky beach infested with thousands of racer snakes gathered there for the sole purpose of killing and eating them.

We really weren't kidding about it being nightmare fuel.

If you weren't screaming, you were clearly watching a different show.

The only upside to this is that it will make for a very good Gogglebox this week.

'Planet Earth 2' continues on BBC One next Sunday at 8pm.