It's Week Two of Britain's Got Talent and, already, we're pretty certain that the winner has been found.

Another Kind Of Blue took to the stage without the usual sob-story or the like, instead just cracking right into one of the most visually impressive acts on the series thus far. We're not going to spoil it, so just click the video and we'll explain afterwards.

Pretty great, right?

As you probably guessed, it's done via cameras. The two performers we saw are actually lying on the ground and spinning around, with the help of two other performers who are dressed in black and not entirely visible throughout the performance.

The group, from Italy and Netherlands, have previously been on America's Got Talent and received four Yes votes, but no Golden Buzzer from any of the judges. 

Had they received the Golden Buzzer, they'd have moved straight to the Semi-Finals, however they're now at the Callback stage and depending on how they do, they'll move on to the Semi-Finals.


Via YouTube