One of these days the people of Albert Square will realise they're living under an ancient burial ground and that's why their lives are so grim and random acts of God happen to them so often. They're not alone though, between insane car crashes and trams going off the rails, the soaps love an outrageous stunt as a ratings kick.

EastEnders had been hyping up this huge disaster this week but were giving very little away. We knew it was going to be bad though, and that lives were going to hang in the balance. You know, the usual.

Turns out, it was a bus crash, as the driver appeared to have a heart attack, and as much as Denise tried to help him, he lost control and the bus drove into the market where Martin and the like were. It was there we had the 'doof doof' moment, but fans are predicting there's more trouble ahead tonight as the bus crashed into a bridge for the Tube... which Shirley, Tina and their mum are on. Oh dear.

Watch last night's crash below...

Catch the aftermath tonight on RTE1 at 7.30pm.