As the news continues to focus on Donald Trump's lewd comments about women, celebrities and comedians are starting to give their tuppence on the whole situation.

Stephen Colbert, who previously hosted the excellent political satire Colbert Report, took to Twitter early today and explained why the Trump Tapes didn't make into his opening monologue for that night's show. Basically, the show - and monologue - was pre-taped before news of the tapes broke.

But, as a treat for his followers, Colbert would watch the tapes and explain his reaction afterwards. Needless to say, the expression above says it all.

Take a look.

Uncensored Colbert is the best Colbert, let's start with that.

What's more interesting, however, is that this tape really isn't funny - or material for jokes. It's downright terrifying and disgusting, and to think someone who talks and thinks like this is within grabbing (no pun intended) distance of the highest political office in the world is even more terrifying.


Via Twitter