It really does say a lot about how far down The Simpsons has gone in our estimation and has desperate they are to shock people that this is what they're resorting to.

This year's Hallowe'en special, the Treehouse of Horror Special, will see Bart Simpson finally murdered - repeatedly, mind - by Sideshow Bob Terwiliger.

Take a look.

Ugh, so what. Honestly, we've spoken about this before, but it really does bear repeating - The Simpsons should have been cancelled years ago. It's just stopped being funny, inventive or any way endearing long ago.

If it's not cross-over episodes, it's getting whoever's remotely famous on and if it's not that, it's messing with accepted tropes of the series - this being a prime example.

It also says a lot about the worsening quality of the Treehouse of Horror episodes, too. Anyone remember The Raven with James Earl Jones? That was incredible.