Well, it was never going to look as good as the Voyager or Excelsior.

While fan reaction for the USS Discovery - that's the ship that the new series will focus on - was mixed, one thing was certain. Namely, Bryan Fuller was the right choice to helm a new series of Star Trek.

By the looks of it, the Discovery is based heavily on the designs of Ralph McQuarrie, a famous concept artist who worked with George Lucas to create the iconic X-Wing, Y-Wing, TIE Fighter and the Death Star in Star Wars.

McQuarrie, back in the '80s, worked on a proposed reboot of Star Trek with Gene Rodenberry known as Star Trek: Phase II. That reboot never made it to air, but we got Star Trek: The Next Generation in its place.

So, what's going on here with this trailer? Honestly, not a lot. It's basically just showing off the ship and the name of it and, as well as this, giving us a glimpse into what the musical texture of the show will be like.

At yesterday's Star Trek panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Bryan Fuller talked about the direction the series was headed and said that it needed to be just as progressive and hopeful as the original. Which, to be honest, all sounds great.

Here's the trailer for Star Trek Discovery.