We don't know about you, but we grew up on Mr. Bean and his monosyllabic adventures.

The weird, middle-aged bachelor who drove a pea-coloured Mini, had a teddy bear and dressed like a proto-hipster has been a comedy icon for 25 years. Today marks the anniversary of Mr. Bean's first appearance on our screens and to celebrate this momentous occasion, Rowan Atkinson's gone out and replicated one of the funniest sketches from the series.

Namely, the roof-driving with the Mini skit. Here's the original...


And here's a little jaunt Rowan Atkinson took part in the other day to celebrate 25 years of Bean-ery.



It's worth pointing out that Atkinson holds a degree in Electrical Engineering AND a Lorry Licence, previously owned a Mercedes-McLaren F1 and held the top spot of Top Gear's Star In A Reasonably Priced Car for a number of months.

So, y'know, he's well capable of driving that Mini from the roof with a mop and so on.


Via YouTube