Yes, that headline is factually correct.

George Hook (and a number of well-known Irish personalities) took part in a sort of Strictly Come Dancing event for charity on the finale of the Late Late Show.

Spread over the course of the show, it saw Majella O'Donnell, Hookie, Rose of Tralee winner Maria Walsh and Dermot Bannon take part in various dance routines and so forth.

The culmination of which was a hip-hop / rap dance-off, complete with costumes.

Now, never mind the fact that Hook is 74 years of age and just had knee surgery, but there was no way he was going to keep up with the hip-hop dancing.

We did it once and it damn near killed us. Seriously.

But resorting to touching your genitals on live television, Hookie? WHAT WOULD INGRID SAY?

Truly a watershed moment in Irish television.

This will definitely feature on the 2015 episode of Reeling In The Years, right after the Marriage Referendum and when Sepp Blatter is revealed to be Cobra Commander from GI Joe.


Via YouTube