Tubbers only had one of the world's most attractive women on his couch last night.

Emily Ratajkowski, the model-turned-actress who's starring in Gone Girl as Andie and also turned up in Robin Thicke's infamous Blurred Lines video, was on to chat about all sorts with Tubridy.

You may recall that a secondary school made music videos of popular songs translated into Irish. Which is great because we can't speak a single word of Irish except to ask to go to the toilet.

And even at that, we stumble through it. An bnfuil chead agam dul go dti on leithreas? Is that right? Did we miss a load of fadas? Whatever.

So, Emily Ratajkowski apparently has a friend who's studying Irish and taught her cupla focal as Gaelige and Tubbers was only too delighted to show her Colasite Lurgan's video.

Here's how she got on.