You can always tell if Graham Norton's going to be a dud based on how much alcohol's on the table in front of guests.

When we heard that Meryl Streep, Carey Mulligan, Nicole Kidman and Nigella Lawson were on tonight's show, we thought it'd be a laugh riot. Then, as we watched the show, we clocked that everyone was on water - so no fireworks, as such.

The highlight of the show, as we could see it, was Meryl Streep having a mini-freakout over one Australian's Red Chair stories about.... well, take a look.

Before that, Streep and Kidman talked about their early names when they were younger. For example, did you know that Meryl Streep's real name is Mary and was named after her mother, grandmother AND great-grandmother? And she named her first daughter Mary too.

Nicole Kidman, meanwhile, was named after a dead elephant. No, really. Take a look!


Via YouTube