Lo, another weekend is upon us even sooner than the last and just in time to herald its arrival is Bandon's finest export with a couch crammed with A-listers to keep us entertained.

Oscar winner and Hollywood royalty Diane Keaton is perched at the top of Graham's sofa tonight to regale us with all sorts of tales from Hollywood past and present as well as her new movie with Brendan Gleeson, 'Hampstead'.

Sat next to her is Killarney's own Michael Fassbender, who'll be telling Graham all about reprising his role as an android for Ridley Scott's 'Alien: Covenant', while Jessica Chastain will be telling us all about her film 'Miss Sloane' in which she plays a ballbreaking cutthroat lobbyist in Washington DC so we're sure she'll have plenty to say about the current state of politics in the U.S.

Bookending the guestlist is the one and only Kevin Bacon, who'll be talking about his new Amazon series 'I Love Dick', which has become his new favourite saying, while music will be provided Gorillaz who will be performing their track 'We Got The Power' off their new album, 'Humanz'.

'The Graham Norton Show' airs tonight on BBC One at 10.40pm or 11.10pm, depending on your service provider.