Often at these awards shows, anyone who is going to win one of the 'outside category' awards like Lifetime Achievement or similar, are usually warned well in advance. However that's not the case at the National Television Awards when it comes to the Special Recognition gong, and if you're in any doubt, you can really see the genuine shock on Graham Norton's face when he won the prestigious award last night.

It was announced via a montage of clips from his BBC show along with some very famous faces paying tribute to the presenter, including Dolly Parton, who Graham once did a documentary with. The iconic singer said of Graham, "I had the most fun with him when he came to Dollywood. I think of all the people I've worked with I have more in common with Graham than with anyone else. I just love him."

While Will Smith said, "It's not just questions, he's just magnificent at understanding who is sat in front of him enough to set the table for you to win."

You can watch a clip from the moment he won below...

While here's part of his speech... (Catch the full speech on The National Television Awards on TV3 tomorrow at 9pm.)

Backstage, Graham spoke about how overwhelmed he was to receive the award: "To see that film, that footage they’re putting together, you don’t think like that – you don’t think about it. But to realise you’ve done quite a lot, that is overwhelming and moving. Those people that said yes to being in that film, someone like Dolly Parton, to be bothered. I’m so touched that they were all in it."

However, he was annoyed that he managed to leave one very important person out of his thank yous - his dear Irish mammy: "As I was walking off I realised I forgot to thank my mother. So what I need to do now is phone her and build bridges."

Congrats Graham!