Fans of EastEnders will be in their element this week in what's promised to be one of the most dramatic few days in the soap's history to mark their 30th anniversary. Graham Norton is even doing something very unusual tonight and hosting an entire episode dedicated to EastEnders, featuring cast members, as well as Lucy Beale herself aka Hetti Bywater.

The show, which has already been recorded, will see Graham joined by cast members June Brown (Dot), Adam Woodyatt (Ian), Letitia Dean (Sharon), Jessie Wallace (Kat), Shane Richie (Alfie), Danny Dyer (Mick), Kellie Bright (Linda) and John Altman (Nick). While EastEnders newbie Richard Blackwood will also be on ahead of his debut on the soap this week... AND Pat Butcher herself will arise from the dead as Pam St Clement also joins Graham for a chat.

Of course Graham wanted to know the answer to the question on everyone's lips which is of course who in the hell killed Lucy Beale. However he didn't quite get the answers he wanted...funny stuff though all the same!

Word has it that none of the cast actually do know and that the killer won't be told until a couple of hours before the live broadcast however, so they may just be telling the truth...

You can watch the Graham Norton: EastEnders Special tonight on BBC1 at 11.10pm*

*Times may vary depending on whether you have BBC1 or BBC1NI.