As you might have heard already, a number of Irish celebrities, singers, actors and so on have commandeered a building - an empty building that formerly housed the Department of Social Protection on Tara St. - for the purposes of sheltering homeless people.

The coalition, known as Home Sweet Home, includes director Jim Sheridan, Love / Hate actor John Connors, Hozier, Conor O'Brien of Villagers, Christy Moore and Glen Hansard. Last night saw Hansard appear on the Late Late Show, where he explained why he and others have decided to engage in what he called "an act of civil disobedience" and take over Apollo House.

Take a look.

According to a report by the Irish Times, a total of 142 people were counted as sleeping rough in Dublin with 77 people sleeping on roll-out mats at the Merchant's Quay night cafe. All told, 219 people were counted as having no access to an emergency bed.

If you want to get directly involved with Home Sweet Home, you can sign up here or you can make a donation.