HBO have decided to be dead sound and get with the times, by making the first two episodes of series 3 of Girls available on YouTube.

The show aired last night on the channel and will be available 12 hours after that on YouTube, which will be 3pm today for us Irish folk. Looks like we're all going to need a half day from work so. Hurrah!

If you haven't watched 'Girls' yet, you've probably heard of the similarities drawn between the show and 'Sex and the City'. Well there is sex, there is the city, but that's where it ends really. Manolo blahniks are replaced by cons, couture dresses with yellow see-through vests, and whiny characters... okay well, that's the same.

Also like 'SATC', the girls have their fair share of bizarro men to deal with. Hannah's answer to Mr Big is ambivalent Adam, who may in fact be a complete nutter. The finale of the last season saw him running through the streets of New York to help Hannah, who had locked herself in her apartment crippled with OCD. Sure you'd never catch Mr Big doing that, would you?

You may want to hide behind your couch and cringe to death at some of the scenes at times - try watching Hannah and Adam have sex with your parents in the room* - but it's definitely bloody entertaining. Let's just hope they don't decide to make a movie in Abu Dhabi any time soon...

*Don't actually try this, no one will be the same after. No one.

Here's the trailer to get you warmed up: