Well we've had a short preview trailer, then we had the preview to the preview trailer, and NOW we can see the actual preview trailer! Game of Thrones is certainly weaning us all back into the fourth serious at a steady pace, and let's face it, we will take all we can get here.

Game of Thrones Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing gives us an entire 15 minutes of action from the upcoming series, including interviews with the cast and producers and behind-the-scenes footage. And YES, it does contain spoilers, or else what sort of decent preview would it be?

Executive producer David Benioff said: "Some of the most shocking and mind-blowing scenes of the entire series come at the end of this coming season [...]This is definitely the most dangerous season for Tyrion. It seems like in almost every episode he's in jeopardy of getting his head removed from his shoulders."

The cast also answered some questions which were tweeted in, one regarding our own Jack Gleeson - who plays the insanely irritating Joffrey. A fan asked 'Does Joffrey have any redeeming qualities?' In a manner similar to the #RoastJoffrey hashtag, 'The Hound' (Rory McCann) answered: "Joffrey? Joffrey's a wee prick, a mummy's boy, a bully... he's got nice eyes!" Followed by Daenery's Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) saying "I feel like Jack the actor has an abundance of redeeming characters, I feel like Joffrey the character, eh less so".

HBO will air the season premiere of Game of Thrones on Sunday, April 6 in the US, and on Sky Atlantic a day later.

Watch it all below!