And it turns out one death was too gory even for 'Thrones' and had to be scaled back.

We all know that 'Game of Thrones' isn't afraid to make even the hardiest of people suddenly feel squeamish but Image Engine, the visual effects company behind the sixth season's 72 on-screen deaths, apparently even went too far for the show when dreaming up Ramsay Bolton's death at the hands/paws/jaws of his own hounds after the Battle of the Bastards.

"They shot the scene with multiple takes," Image Engine visual effects supervisor Mat Krentz told Variety in an interview. "They did a pass of the dog on green screen, then Ramsay on green screen, and then we also had a background plate, which we put together."

What we would have seen if Krentz and company had had their way was the flesh between Ramsay's skin and gums being torn away, which we're very thankful to the showrunners for deciding against.

And if that butchery wasn't enough, reading how they made the other deaths and injuries is enough to put you off your lunch.

"Some shots were really specific, like someone getting their head smashed directly against a wall," composition lead Edwin Holdsworth told Variety. "To get the look right for that we filmed real meat being smashed. We used the same technique for shots where one character has their hand pulled apart. The best way to match the level of gore needed was to pull some meat apart, and use that in the comp. It all felt more realistic that way!"

And if that sentence doesn't turn your stomach, watching the below definitely will.

Via Variety