While they're always funny to see, there is something a bit odd about blooper reels.

You're so used to seeing these characters - Tyrion, Daenarys, Jon Snow, etc. - all with perfect diction, the right quip and never once laughing that when you see them in full costume, breaking down and cracking up from a goof on set, it's really quite endearing.

Peter Dinklage, as you'll see from the sixth season's blooper reel, has more than a bit of trouble with one particular word. You'd think they'd just swap out the word or something, but him being the pro, he keeps at it.

Gotta respect that level of commitment. Also, what exactly was that thing Jon Snow was wearing?

While it's a cracking blooper reel, it still doesn't beat Parks & Recreation and, specifically, Chris Pratt's joke about Kim Kardashian.

We're not linking to it, just seek it out and you'll see what we mean. It's hilarious.


Via YouTube