Although you'd think there's too much going on with Real-Life Donald Trump to make him seem like a parody, it looks like people aren't afraid t o give it a go nonetheless.

As reported previously, Stephen Colbert is working on an animated series about Donald Trump and late last night saw the full trailer for the series debut online to give us all a taste of the weirdness to come. There's no word yet on whether or not Colbert will voice any of the characters, but Colbert does have some history with animated series.

Colbert voiced Phil Ken Sebben on Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law on Adult Swim, and was the voice of Zeep on Rick & Morty. Not only that, Colbert voiced Mr. Witherspoon on Netflix's Bojack Horseman - so don't be surprised if he turns up here.

Take a look.

Of course, what's really going to work for a series is staying topical - and that means it needs a short turnaround in order for it work. The fact that Trump flicks between controversies and scandals on a daily basis means that something that might have happened two weeks ago could then be trumped by something that happened two days ago.

Animation - even with advancements made in software and the like - still takes a few weeks to produce, so jokes staying fresh is going to be a problem.

There's no word yet on whether or not it'll screen here in Ireland, but here's hoping.


Via YouTube