If ever there was a TV show that defined the nineties, it was Friends. And while we thought we all lived in a tech savvy time when we saw Rachel and Chandler on the cover of Microsoft Windows '95, we all know now, that was only the beginning of it. If Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and the gang were to meet now, things may have gone a whole different way. Sure Rachel could have just WhatsApped Ross to tell him she wanted closure.

In case you were wondering how it may have all gone down in 2015, (an insane twenty one years after the show first began), the good folk at Nerdist have rebooted the show for us to represent the new technological beard driven world we now live in.

They've changed the lyrics to that classic Rembrandts opening song too with the likes of 'I'll be there for you, if you shoot me a text first' and 'your roommate's going vegan while you're drinking gluten-free beer'.

Ah dear.... it's funny 'cos it's true.

Watch below!