It's one of pop culture's most iconic dances from one of the most successful TV shows of the nineties. Hell, we still bust it out from time to time, and now we know where the legendary 'Carlton Dance' from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air originated from.

Actor Alfonso Ribiero was chatting to Variety recently and revealed that it was inspired partially by Courtney Cox and partially by Eddie Murphy;

"The Carlton Dance was created when it said in the script: “Carlton dances.” It was never even intended to be funny; it was just that he was dancing. The dance is ultimately Courteney Cox in the Bruce Springsteen video “Dancing in the Dark”; that’s the basis. Or in Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious” video, “The White Man Dance” as he called it. And I said, “That is the corniest dance on the planet that I know of, so why don’t I do that?"

And guess what? Some genius of the internet already worked that out and did this nifty little compilation below.