Moone Boy
fans rejoice! Sky have commissioned a third series of Chris O'Dowd's coming of age comedy, meaning we'll be heading back to Boyle with Martin Moone for another year at least!

We've said it before and we'll say it again, we are HUGE Moone Boy fans here in the office, so to celebrate today's good news we've had a look back through a few of our favourite Moone Boy episodes, and come up with a list of just five things we absolutely love about the series. Enjoy, and let us know what you love about the show below!

The Mary

Who could forget Mary Robinson, sure wasn't she one of the best things about Ireland back in the day? Ah lads, she still is! Moone Boy payed homage to the main woman herself by giving a nod to her gorgeous gruaig. It says feminism and sophistication all right...

Touchy Feely
Fair play Steve Coogan! That oul Irish accent on you wasn't half bad now so it wasn't, and Touchy Feely reminded us of those harmless oul fellas your mammy would tell you to be wary of when you were down the town with your friends. Y'know the ones you'd cross the street to avoid? Because they'd tell you you had a lovely bottom...

The Dads

There's something utterly enchanting about the hilariously awkward Boyle daddies. They're sick and tired of being pushed around by the wife and kids, and decide to team up to keep strong. Sure how could we ever forget that scene where they went fishing? The underlying homo-eroticism gives Top Gun a run for its money...

The Altar Boys

Nothing says badass mothertrucker like a white habit and a spot of incense. Sure didn't we all fancy ourselves as fairly holy young wans at some stage?

The Quiet Fella
Because anything less than the best is a felony...

Honourable Mentions
We simply can't talk about Moone Boy without remembering those one liners and comedic exchanges. They were in a league of their own, so we figure they're above and beyond our Top 5. Some of our favourites include the following:

"That's it, kiss her good, shift my sister!"
"The War of The Roses, funny how that all started, all because of a wrong delivery on Valentine's Day. That's fact. Bit like the Cold War, which is basically a dispute over peas"
"It just broadens the mind. Promise me though, you’ll never take Hungarian acid!”
"You know the way you have boobs?"
On David Hasselhoff: "Actor. Singer. Knightrider. German Unifier"
"I hope he plays the keyboard on his tie!"
On Hitler: "Pure evil, like... Skeletor"
"The big C got him, hit by a car"
"So we raised and Altar Boy and a choir singer. Suppose that's the risk you take when you have children in wedlock"

"What do you mean the moon's going to make me bleed? I'll make the moon bleed!"
"Mum said you were a mistake" "Not a mistake. An accident"
"Surely they haven't gotten you something decent. It must be a bicycle shaped sock, or a bicycle shaped toiler brush, or a bicycle shaped... kick in the arse"
“Sinead O’Connor? When I play for the baby Jesus, I want him to be entertained, not frightened.”
"I made a hug list, and everyone's on it"