When Netflix commissioned four shows from Marvel a couple years ago, we didn't really know what to expect. Comic book fans hoped the streaming service would do their heroes justice, while many others raised on schmaltzy superhero TV shows didn't really give it a second thought. 

Then Daredevil arrived in early 2015 and all expectations were blown right out of the water as we were delivered a gritty, explosive drama with fight scenes that could rival some of the best Hollywood has ever offered.

Jessica Jones followed suit late last year, so we can rest assured that the folks at Marvel and Netflix know what they're doing.

Season two of Daredevil is now just around the corner, with more destruction and despair on its way to Hell's Kitchen. It also introduces us to The Punisher, who goes around brutally killing the folk he thinks are the bad guys... which yes, is what Daredevil does, but this fella is definitely more antihero than hero.

Check out the trailer below and mark March 18th in your diaries as that's when season two arrives on Netflix.