And there's Ryan from The OC (who hasn't aged a day apparently) thrown in for good measure.

Fox are hoping to jump on the superhero bandwagon with their take on the origin of the Dark Knight in their new series Gotham, which stars Ben McKenzie of The OC fame as Detective Jim Gordon, who any Batman fan worth their measure will know goes on to be a crucial figure in the story of the caped crusader.

Also starring in the show is Donal Logue as McKenzie's rough around the edges superior in the Gotham City Police Department, Detective Harvey Bullock, and Jada Pinkett Smith as a new character in the Batman world, the questionably named 'Fish Mooney'. From the trailer she appears to be Gordon's big bad, but this series looks like it's going to be painting shades of grey over everyone instead of the usual good/bad divide of superhero tales of old.

We also get a look at the young and newly orphaned Bruce Wayne, as well as a teenage and unruly Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman, who is already trying out her burgling skills at a young age in this version of the tale.

An air date hasn't been set yet, but a full run of the series has been ordered, with it expected to be on screens in autumn/winter 2014/15 season.

Via YouTube