The first teaser trailer for new Netflix series Gypsy sees therapist Jean Holloway , played by Naomi Watts, take ‘the oath.’

The voiceover, played over a number of shots that suggest the contrary, details the oath, which is: “I will always provide a safe and trusting haven for my patients. I will remain objective in my relationships. I will not violate the physical boundaries of the patient. And will always do no harm.”

The official logline for the show reads: ‘Gypsy is a ten-part psychological thriller that follows Jean Halloway (Naomi Watts), a Manhattan therapist with a seemingly picturesque life who begins to develop intimate and illicit relationships with the people in her patients' lives.

‘As the borders of Jean's professional life and personal fantasies become blurred, she descends into a world where the forces of desire and reality are disastrously at odds.’

Creepy, but saucy, and it’s worth noting that none other than Sam Taylor-Johnson, who helmed Fifty Shades of Grey, is directing the first two episodes of the series.

The series is available on Netflix from June 30th.