Marvel's next move on the small screen is a TV series of the scrapped film 'Inhumans', but just because it's moving changing mediums doesn't mean it's changing in scale.

Coming to IMAX screens around the world for its first episode on September 1st, 'Inhumans' features one familiar face in the shape of 'Game of Thrones' and 'Misfits' star Iwan Rheon who plays one member of the Inhuman Royal Family who have been living in the secret city of Attilan on the Earth's moon before his betrayal leads the rest of the family to flee to our planet where all the action will take place.

It's an ambitious project from Marvel, who no doubt want to try and piggyback on the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's success by making the most of the show's cinema premiere before it runs on TV. Whether it remains as successful once it stays there remains to be seen.

'Inhumans' is in Irish cinemas on Septemeber 1st, with a television date for the series to be announced.