Downton Abbey
is due back on our screens this weekend and we have a special clip of the first episode here. After the untimely death of Matthew at the end of the last series, Lady Mary is struggling to move on with her life. The 40 second clip shows Mary dressed all in black while Anna and baby George's nanny encourage her to spend some time with the baby. It's not only Matthew's death that is proving tough for Mary, she is also finding motherhood tough as we can see in the clip below. It looks like we can expect the old cold and icy Mary in the new series of Downton. 

The next series will pick up six months from the last but not a lot has changed as the house is still in mourning. However it's not all doom and gloom as we can expect some new eye candy for Lady Mary with several suitors set to pursue her. Julian Fellowes recently defended his decision to have new love interests for Mary, saying, 'The only reason she wouldn't be eventually courted successfully would be if she was determined to remain alone and I just don't think that's who she is. I think she's one of those people who find it quite difficult to be generally genial and those people need a partner, because otherwise there's no-one they're ever completely relaxed with.'

Downton Abbey returns to ITV this Sunday 22nd September at 9pm.