And in your facepalm moment of the weekend that was - was anyone watching Josh Hartnett on The Late Late Show on Friday? Grand lad and all, but do we really need to go pestering him for selfies while he is being interviewed?

In an effort no doubt for The Late Late Show to be 'hip to the jive', they decided to do this 'impromptu' selfie with an audience member on Friday. It was definitely NOT set up either. At ALL.
By the looks of it, they must have got on to some model agency to find some young one who wanted her 15 seconds. Either that, or Tubs is reading a lot of the girly mags as he said 'We might know you from seeing you in magazines, Corina isn't it?'. Hmmm.

Corina was delighted with herself anyways as she cheered and ran off the stage. And all on The Late Late show clapped themselves on the back and said "Hurrah! We too, our down with the 'social media'." Don't miss a trick those lot.