It's true, they're mad about the place so they are. I was lucky enough to get to chat to them over in London last week - just me, Kev and Robin having the bants you know? No big deal. (I was screaming on the inside). As they have both filmed movies in Ireland - Spacey in Ordinary Decent Criminal, and Robin Wright in The Playboys - I asked them what they thought about the place. Their Hollywood eyes lit up, as Robin recalled filming in 'County Caaavan', and Kevin Spacey mentioned some interesting phrases he picked up from young Colin Farrell, as well as his recent tour of the Jameson brewery in Cork. Even as I was leaving the room, they continued to prattle on to each other about their experiences of the Emerald Isle.

The pair were in London town promoting the second series of their Netflix TV show House of Cards. If you haven't watched this yet, it tells the tale of power hungry, amoral married couple Frank and Claire Underwood (Spacey and Wright), who are on a quest to get to the White House. Spacey plays his character effortlessly as usual, and uses enough manipulation and mind games to put Kaiser Soze to shame. The Oscar winning actor believes though that no matter what happens, him and Claire are solid and trust each other completely - if you say so Kev!

Robin Wright, who many of you may remember as Jenny from Forrest Gump, also talked about her recent Golden Globe win, and her first directing stint in this new series. It wasn't all about Kevin and Robin though - Kate Mara who plays ambitious journalist Zoe Barnes in the series was also there on the day for a quick chat. Kate - sporting her new blonde locks - told me what it was like to work with a legend like Spacey, as well as what she makes of her character's ruthless nature.

Watch it all below!


You can watch the much anticipated second series of House of Cards as of tomorrow on Netflix.