So we will of course give you the usual heads up that if you haven't caught up on exactly where Arya and The Hound are at the end of season four, then don't read this.

Undoubtedly, our favourite duo on Game of Thrones thus fair was the unlikely pairing of Arya Stark and Sandor Clegane aka The Hound. The pair proved to be some of the most entertaining scenes from the last season and a half - if they weren't bickering, they were threatening to kill each other, but at same time had each other's back during their months together.

Well he certainly had hers anyways, and while he always stated that he was only with her for the money he could get for her, it was clear from his encounter with Brienne of Tarth, that HE was the one watching over Arya.

In the end, it was ironically through fighting for Arya that he died.... and then, she left him for dead - that Arya is one serious bad-ass, but no news there.

Anyways, take a look at their best bits below (or worst bits for them really...)