Well, when your parents goad you about not featuring much in the new series of your globally successful TV show, of course you're going to invite your parents to watch your epic nude scene live with you. And then instantly regret it. 

Speaking on 'Live With Kelly and Michael(ish)', the actress said: "My parents were like, 'so we're watching the show, but you know, darling, you're not really doing much'... I said, 'watch this one.' I said, 'are you guys watching the show tonight? And they were like 'yeah, maybe, we might just get it on HBO GO or something or whatever.' And I said 'no, watch tonight. Watch that one.' And they were trying to get the spoilers out of me and it didn’t work... I ended up sitting them down and being like, ‘Let’s watch it’ - and then instantly regretting it... My dad was like, ‘again?!’"

Well, yes, you'd think "they'd be used to it at this point." 

As Emilia previously pointed out, she didn't use a body double for the scene (unlike some of her cast mates in the past, although he did have a hurty ankle), but she is campaigning for "penis" on the show - which is exactly what we got towards the beginning of last Monday's episode. There was quite a lot of scrotum too, if memory serves...

But I digress; of the level of nudity on the show, Clarke previously said in an interview with Conan: "There’s plenty of female nudity, myself included, and I feel like... I think we should get some equal male nudity and female nudity. I think it is a discussion that should be had... Free the penis!”
Emilia has been fierce busy on the talk show circuit of late. She recently discussed Dothraki on Late Night with Seth Meyers and how it works. Sometimes, to lighten the mood when filming, she throws in her own words - like, instead of being all "I'm going to kill them all" she decided to translate the lyrics of MMMBop instead.