Although we'll next see Emilia Clarke on screen as Qi'ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story, everyone is also eagerly awaiting the end of Game Of Thrones and her final performance as Daenarys Targarayen.

Naturally, Clarke is so naturally linked to the series - to the point that she's really the emotional arc of the whole thing - so bringing up a question about it in an interview about an entirely different project is just totally natural. So it went that we asked Emilia Clarke for the goods - or more specifically, everything she's legally allowed to tell us about it.

"I'm in it. We're in the final season," she began carefully. "I'm so scared to say anything. It's REALLY... it's really, really dangerous me going anywhere near anything."

"All I guarantee is that it is moving and epic beyond words. I can't even. As a human being, emotionally, it's a massive thing to be walking away from so just know that every single actor's come to it and given their everything. It's like a marathon and we've just reached the last hundred metre dash and we're going to throw everything at it."

You can also find out what her favourite watering hole is in Ireland and whether or not we're going to see Qi'ra in any more Star Wars movies in the near future by checking out our full interview with Emilia Clarke below.