Game of Thrones is back in our lives once more and thank the gods for that, although for some reason they brought Ed Sheeran with them this time round.

Episode one of season seven, called Dragonstone, proved to be a typical Game of Thrones opening episode in that it pretty much just checked in on all the major characters. Necessary really, given that we haven't seen any of them in over twelve months.

However that doesn't mean it wasn't of any significance. We went through the entire episode in our new Game of Thrones after show called Night Talkers. That's right, we're doing that now.

It's basically just three hardcore Game of Thrones fans chatting about what they thought of the weekly episode, and we have house banners and fake swords in the background, so you know, we try.

You may agree, you may disagree, just please don't slag our framed picture of Ned Stark. He deserves better than that.