Yeow. The Murdoch machine is ruthless.

Eamonn Holmes said goodbye to 'Sunrise' and Sky News for the final time this morning after 11 years on the programme.

Holmes was in the middle of his goodbyes just before 9am this morning when it all came to an abrupt end and he was cut off while being hugged by fellow presenters Nazaneen Ghaffar, Isabel Webster and Jacquie Beltrao.

"There you go," he began his final sign off. "It has been 11 years. Thank you very much indeed for putting up with me all that time."

"In that 11 years, I've had to report on a lot of awful news, but I've also had to report on some fantastic news as well as some uplifting news, and we should have more of that. It's not important to present the news. The news is the important thing. Keep on watching it. Keep on doing it."

"Sunrise and the news continues after the break in the morning." he continued, before being cut off when the programme went to an ad break.  "Why would I go--," he began, but alas, we'll never know how that sentence finished.

At least he has a lie-in tomorrow to look forward to...

Via Digital Spy