It's only a matter of weeks now until the debut of Ireland's newest soap, TV3's Red Rock, which will be based around all the drama and goings on of a Dublin police station. It will mainly follow two rival families, the Hennessys and the Kielys, who's longterm feud is brutally reignited in the opening episode.

Described as "a contemporary western, set in the shadow of Ireland's 'gold rush'", the soap has already been commissioned for two years and has a talented cast and crew behind it.

Below is the pretty impressive looking trailer... (For those of you viewing this on mobile, you can watch it here.)

 Meet the families....

Look, it's Love/Hate's Linda!

And a Kiely and a Hennessy, assuming this pair are the resident Romeo and Juliet of the bunch.


Red Rock premieres on Wednesday 7th January at 8.30pm on TV3, with the second episode airing the same time the following day.