The Dragons' Den can be a pretty intimidating place, with five insanely rich people looking at you with their judging eyes almost willing you to mess up. It all got too much for one contestant though on last night's show as she found herself getting a bit light-headed.

Amy Wordsworth was pitching her children's skincare business and was asking for a £60,000 cash injection in return for a 15% share, however it emerged she had only earned £3,500 from Ocado sales this year, and seasoned dragon Deborah Meaden was having none of it saying; "You've basically got no business at the moment. I'm not being funny Amy, but you have no business!".

And with that, Amy started to feel light headed as the dragons had to rush to get her a chair. Deborah then looked quite worried and said; "What have I done to you?"

Amy soon got herself together though and continued with her presentation. It didn't do her any harm either as she secured an offer of £60,000 although for a 40% share in the business.

And guess who made the offer? Deborah.

Turns out almost fainting may not be such a bad move after all. May give this Dragons' Den lark a crack ourselves....

Watch below;