You have to give credit where it's due, and in fairness, Ray D'Arcy's interview with Ivana Trump was one of the most entertaining the show's had since it started.

The first wife of Donald Trump and mother to Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric was on to promote her new autobiography, Raising Trump, and sure enough the topic of both Melania and her ex-husband came up.

On Melania, Ivana was pretty damn cutting, and said that the current First Lady "is doing the best she can."

"I said I’m (the) First Trump Lady – and First Lady went bananas over it. I have no idea why. I don’t know how it spark her, but I am definitely Trump First Lady. I was married to Donald, have three kids with him and I have no idea why she resents it."

On the topic of her husband and whether or not the rest of us are going to have suffer through another election in three years time, Ivana said he was "missing a bit of his old life," and spoke about how he was "working, working, working... I don't envy him. he must be frickin' exhausted!"

Here's a few video clips from the interview itself.



Via YouTube