Now, you didn't think you'd see Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Donald Trump only the once, did you? He's invested more than money into that hairpiece, you know.

This time around, Trump discusses how well he did at the GOP debate ("everyone loved" him) before he commences his own interview with Clinton (he feels it's his duty as "Jimmy Fallon's a lightweight"). 

He kicks things off by asking her what she would do "to help women in this country", to which Hilary responds, "what would you do?" Fallon's retort is classic Trump - "I know a lot of women, and they all have issues..." Badum ting. They should've just left it there, but it goes on for another 3 hilarious minutes. 

After the interview, Jimmy Fallon had his own time with Clinton, whereupon he asked if she'd ever "touched Donald Trump's hair." She replied, "Do you want to feel mine?!" So Jimmy gave it a yank and declared "It's real."

If Hilary can make affordable childcare a reality in the states, she could win by a landslide.