Just in time to send off 2017, the one and only Dolly Parton is coming back to CBeebies Bedtime Stories to tell another children's tale.

The country legend and all round gem will return to the BBC show to read 'Stuck in the Mud' by Garry Parsons and Jane Clarke before we wave goodbye to 2017.

Meanwhile, 'Doctor Who' fans will want to tune in as well, and on Christmas Eve, as Pearl Mackie reads two stories before her final outing as the Doctor's companion on Christmas Day.

The first, 'Interstellar Cinderella' by Deborah Underwood and‎ Meg Hunt, is a space-age retelling of the classic fairy tale.

The second story, 'Ellie's Magic Wellies' by Amy Sparkes and Nick East, tells of a girl whose "fantabulous" wellies lead to an encounter with a mischief-making ""libberty-Gibberty".

CBeebies Bedtime Stories goes out daily on the CBeebies channel at 18:50.