Irish daytime television, ladies and gentlemen. This is where your license fee is going.

'Psychic Medium' Derek Acorah appeared on RTÉ One's 'Today' show yesterday afternoon to plug some nonsense and because it's written into the walls of RTÉ in blood that Adele King must make at least one annual appearance on the network (allegedly), she did just that alongside her dog Teddy who was famously dognapped last year.

Below you can witness Acorah telling Twink, among other things, that Teddy still carries some of the trauma with him, while King insists that Teddy has a 'memory retention' of the incident.

There is a happy ending though, as Acorah insists that Teddy will live a long life.

Props to Dáithí Ó Sé and Maura Derrane for earning their paycheck by keeping a straight face throughout.