When it was announced that Dave Chapelle would host SNL the first episode back after the U.S. Presidential Election, many were unsure what he'd do with the slot.

In his opening monologue, it seems, Chapelle was making a clear and unmistakable point - Chapelle's Show is over and he's going to kill it himself. So, using a piss-take from the Negan episode of The Walking Dead, Chapelle reintroduced us to Tyrone Biggums, Silky Johnson, the Black White Supremacist and 'Lil John and... well, you'll see.

Take a look.

Who knew Dave Chapelle was a fan of Glen, let alone The Walking Dead? Also, Dave Chapelle should definitely consider taking on a role in Walking Dead because he definitely understands the show.

So, Chapelle's leaving behind the characters that made him famous. What now? Is he returning to stand-up full time?


Via YouTube