You might remember we told you a few months back that Channel 4 were planning to make a documentary about One Direction fans? Well, the first sneak peek at the finished product has finally landed, and it really doesn't make for easy viewing.

The aptly titled Crazy About One Direction follows some of the boyband's most 'devoted' and, well, deluded fans, who have no problem waxing lyrical about the death threats they've posted online, or their love for their teen idols.

"I'm part of a fandom that could kill you if they wanted" one teen calmly states, while another explains that there's nothing about the boys she can't find out on Twitter. "Zayn Malik has just run away from me. He jumped into the lift... and I'm going to find him" another bawls. Eeek. Run Zayn, run.

The film comes courtesy of seasoned documentary maker Daisy Asquith, who wanted to find out more about modern 'fandom'. "This film will offer a fascinating insight into a new kind of idol worship. Social media communities connect millions of fans in a way that was never possible before. It’s the ‘Narnia’ that is their online fandom", she said.

And from the above trailer alone, it's clear to see that there's far more to fandom now than meets the eye. As one of those girls who went a bit loopy for McFly, and frequented Take That, Westlife and Busted concerts regularly, I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it.

Crazy About One Direction airs on Channel 4 on August 15th. Watch it, if you dare.