Steve and Lloyd have become Coronation Street's answer to Ant and Dec these days. While Ant and Dec have become the new Morecambe and Wise, so really it would only make sense that Steve and Lloyd would do a sketch emulating the original comedy duo.

The two popular Corrie characters have teamed up for a new four part online mini-series, called 'Streetcar Stories'. The series will focus on the pairs antics in their late-night shifts in the cab office, with the first episode showing them performing a version of the Morecambe and Wise ‘Breakfast’ sketch.

The cab office is often the scene of some of the best comedy moments on the soap, between Steve and Lloyd moaning about their love lives and what not, with usually Eileen on standby with her no frills advice.

This move also sees Corrie getting all technical on us and moving into the online world, a pretty good call really considering how things are going. Although, let's hope they don't go over the top on this - or next we'll have online shows of Rita and Norris in the cabin, or Dev and the new Mr Motivator in this gym they're starting. Where will it end?

But for now, we are pretty happy with this offering from Corrie's new 'online world'. We can expect another episode of the series tomorrow, with two more to follow next week - all written by Corrie scriptwriter Chris Fewtrell.

You can watch the first one below: