As Graham Norton quite rightly points out, Colin Farrell is considered to be one of the most handsome actors working in showbusiness today.

Is it the eyebrows? Is it the Castleknock twang? It's probably the hair. Then again, maybe it isn't if his previous roles point out anything. As Norton astutely observes, he's had some shocking styles down through the years for various roles.

Farrell, bless him, looked a tad bit uncomfortable as Norton went through the list; giving particular attention to not-as-bad-as-you-remember Alexander, complete with Farrell's golden locks of hair. It didn't look THAT bad, did it?

Take a look.

Yeah, on second thoughts, maybe it was. Also, did Chris O'Dowd get a little taken aback by Norton's comments? Or is that just us trying to pick up on body language's that not there? O'Dowd, of course, talked at length about his wife, Dawn O'Porter, clutching onto Brad Pitt's hands - fingers, specifically - which you can see right here.

Colin Faddle, 'wha?


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