For many of us growing up in the nineties, My So Called Life was as much a rite of passage as making a mix tape. So you will all be horrified to know that it's actually reached its twentieth anniversary now, yep, twenty years. We are all as old as sh*t. Okay, okay we're not but it's a pretty long time ago in fairness.

Claire Danes was chatting to Jimmy Fallon about the anniversary and the unexpected success of the show which was cancelled after only eighteen episodes, yet became a huge cult classic in its afterlife. Danes told Fallon how it still surprises her to this day how much people took to it and that even now teenage children of her friends have started watching it.

Could they even possibly understand this time with no mobile phones, when check shirts ruled and Nirvana reigned supreme? At least they can take comfort in knowing that Jordan Cadilano is still as hot as ever, clearly due to some deal Jared Leto made with the devil.

There he is there now, our hearts still flutter just a little.

Remember the rumour that went around back in the day that he died? Anybody?

Claire also told Fallon that the cast are still good friends and met up just last week for a barbecue around the time of the Emmys'. N'awww