Homeland is currently airing its sixth season (who saw last night’s episode? Dar Adal is in soooo much trouble) and has been commissioned for two more, after which the creators reportedly plan on wrapping it up.

Anyone who’s been following the story of former CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes (who also serves as an executive producer on the series), will know that she has had a pretty hard time of it all. I mean, watching your lover be hung and then having his child, as well as narrowly escaping numerous terrorist attacks and attempts on your life are pretty horrific experiences.

It makes sense then really that after all that drama and hardship, all Claire really wants for her character are the simpler things in life, and for Carrie to be, well, happy.

“I’m always hoping for a little relief for Carrie,” she says. “There’s a lot of crying, there’s a lot of reason to cry… I would like for her to play Monopoly with Frannie, one game of Monopoly – benign, easy-going, chill… That’s always my little wish for her, just some domestic bliss. I think she earned that.”

However, as Ellen Degeneres, whose talk show the actress appears on, points out, that doesn’t exactly make for great television.

No mention of Quinn, who Carrie has had a will-she-won’t-she relationship with across a number of seasons, there either, and given the dark road his character has been going down this season, things don't look good…

Check out Danes’ appearance on The Ellen Show and what she has to say about the series here: