He was appearing on This Morning to promote his upcoming movie Downsizing.

The allegations of rape and sexual harassment against the Hollywood mogul have dominated headlines around the world for the past few days.

As we have reported, a host of high-profile actors have given their opinion on the matter and this morning it was Christoph Waltz’s turn.

While he seemed relaxed talking about his late career start, James Bond movies and working with Tarantino, he appeared uncomfortable when Weinstein’s name was mentioned and he was asked what he thought.

"I consider this something that I don't need to contribute my two cents worth, the situation I think is more than blatantly obvious. Anybody in his right mind would be repulsed by the behaviour, so if the thing speaks for itself, why should I add a voice?" he said, looking slightly perturbed.

Clearly wanting to move on, he added- "He was one of the biggest players, you're asking the wrong person, I'm an old geezer."

Check out the clip here:

Via: Digital Spy